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Parliamentary documents (debates, bills, MPs, standing orders, indexes, Sejm and Senate Marshals, committees, political groups, etc.) from 1919.

Parliamentary documents of the III Republic of Poland (from 1989)

Sejm of the 8th term 2015-

Senate of the 9th term 2015-

Sejm of the 7th term 2011-2015

Senate of the 8th term 2011-2015

Sejm of the 6th term 2007-2011

Senate of the 7th term 2007-2011

Sejm of the 5th term 2005-2007

Senate of the 6th term 2005-2007

Sejm of the 4th term 2001-2005

Senate of the 5th term 2001-2005

Sejm of the 3rd term 1997-2001

Senate of the 4th term 1997-2001

Sejm of the 2nd term 1993-1997

Senate of the 3rd term 1993-1997

Sejm of the 1st term 1991-1993

Senate of the 2nd term 1991-1993

Sejm of the 10th term 1989-1991

Senate of the 1st term 1989-1991

Parliamentary documents (1952-1991)

Parliamentary documents (1943-1952)

Parliamentary documents of the II Republic of Poland (1919-1939)

Marshals of the Sejm and the Senate